I was recently trying out postgreSQL, and have since uninstalled it. However, postgreSQL still seems to "own" my terminal, which is now called "postgreSQL terminal" in the title bar.

It also has altered my host from the computer name to "dynamic-OIT-vapornet-c-839" when connected through airport.

I am not sure why an application I uninstalled (thoroughly, I thought) maintains this terminal presence, but I would appreciate any pointers for getting rid of it.

Also, I am not sure if this problem has affected my ability to su to root, but I can't now. I don't remember if I could before this, as I am a recent convert to mac from Linux (where I had the ability), and haven't played around with command line stuff as much in Mac, but I feel reasonably sure that I have used su in Mac terminal before.

Any pointers welcome.