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    Time Machine Backup Issue
    I got a new macbook pro. But at college I was put on a specific network cause i wasn't "protected" well, i thought i had backed up. But i didn't. And to fix this issue i had to install leopard, install a certain program then install snow leopard. Well i went to grab my backup (music, some websites that were done/doing, resume etc.) but ... apparently the backup never finished (it was in progress... it has a size of 1.99gb. Is there anyway to get these files from a inprogress file?

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    A little vague here. Why did you have to back up and reinstall just to get on a specific network? What "certain program" did you have to install before Snow Leopard? One supplied by your school? A backup of 2GB could not have taken long to finish. Is there nothing on your external backup drive? Not even a portion of the backup? Was the external drive formatted for your Mac?

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    The program was bradford persistant agent or something like that. Specific program for my school, that I could not install with snow leopard. So i had to go back to leopard do all that, then redo snow leopard. The backup was about 50 gigs actually... I looked at the .inProgress file and it is only 2 gigabytes, is what i meant. THe backup is formated for my mac and everything.

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