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    Hokay so,
    My friend forgot her admin password for her mac(for a year and a half). I tried resetting it using her install discs. Put disc 1 in>Restart>hold C>Utilities>Reset password. She reset her password and I restarted the computer. She typed in her name and password and the mac told her it was invalid. I went through the process again and when I got to the reset password and clicked on her hard drive. There was no account available to change a password for. Her account was gone!!! So i figured If I did a reinstall she would go through the setup process again and make a new account. And I didnt format the harddrive so everything that was on her hard drive should still be there...right? So this morning I looked at it after the reinstall and it just brought her to the sign in part. skipped the setup process. So there is still no account on her computer no way to sign in. How can I make a new admin account so that she keeps all her files?? Please Help
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    Perhaps the machine has also been setup with open firmware password?

    How to setup firmware password protection in Mac OS X |

    This would explain your problems getting in. Good luck hope you do not have to do a reformat and clean install losing all her files. I take it she has not backed up onto an external HDD either? Essential equipment these days backups.

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    She took it to IT there gonna do a reformat :/ she has an external but never backed up on it. She said there gonna back up for her. So I guess its all gonna work out. Thanks for your help!
    2008 !5in. MBP(penryn)/8 gb ipod touch/ 30 gb ipod video

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