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    How Do I Upgrade My PB G4 17" 1.33 from 10.4.11 to 10.5.4 ?
    Hi there. I am new to this forum. I have tried everything I know... now I am looking for your help.

    I received a 10.5.4 upgrade disk on DVD+R DL. My Powerbook did not read it.

    I have a MacBook Pro which does read it... so I burned a copy onto DVD-R DL... my Powerbook still did not read it.

    I have connected both computers together and tried to install from using the MacBook Pro's drive... it doesnt allow for install.

    I made an image onto my Powerbook... and tried to boot off it... it doesnt allow that either.

    I have opened the mounted image and it asks to restart... then my computer just restarts and the disk image is no longer mounted so it doesnt proceed with the install.

    I have now downloaded Pacifist.

    Where do I go from here? Any ideas? Let me know if you can help me out... would love to have PB G4 with 10.5 on it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hamkj View Post
    I received a 10.5.4 upgrade disk on DVD+R DL.
    10.5.4 ships as a pressed disc, not a DVD+R. If you have a pirated or other non-genuine disc, you will have to purchase a legitimate disc.

    It is against the rules of this forum to discuss anything that violates copyright law.

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    So if I get the original... my PB will read it guaranteed?

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    If you have provided the correct machine specs yes the PB will read and install from a genuine original copy of Leopard OS X.5. Full retail install DVDs are black coloured and do not buy a system restore silver grey disc and Leopard as supplied with another computer will not work.

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