I'll just copy the note i sent to busysync:

We have 6 computers total that intend to share calendars. 4 in our office, and 2 laptops. I have setup a Google Calendar account on which we have 5 calendars for our office that we want to share completely. 3 of us also have personal calendars, but in order to use the busysync we need to send them through google as well. On the computers we can elect to 'not subscribe' to these, which is ok, but with our iphone setup (nuevasyn connecting with google) we all see everybody's calendar. (a separate question here is do you know how to make individual google calendars private?)

My questions are:

When I put something on the calendar, and include and invite, the entry goes on the calendar, and then goes on the calendar again when the person accepts the invite. Is there a way to combat this duplicate issue?

We'd like to get to the point where we are able to load something on our personal calendars, not have it show up on everyone else's calendar, but for the calendar to know that that person is busy. IS there a solution for this?

Can you tell me the best to setup shared calendars through google cal and busysync if we have 4 people, 2 with two laptops (with busysync also on them, we've purchased 6 licenses), and 2 people with iphones?

thanks to anyone who can help,