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    Thumbs down Snow Leopard and Elgato EyeTV 3
    I have a 24" iMac with an Elgato EyeTV Diversity (Dual channel Digital TV tuner) running 3.1.2 software.
    Pre Snow Leopard, everything was working fine - record two TV shows at once, zap the ads, export the video files to a Qnap NAS box, all networked to a PS3 operating as a media centre. A terrific set-up, like having your own TV channel.

    Then I upgraded to Snow Leopard and it's all pear-shaped since then. The Elgato EyeTV worked initially, dropping out occasionally, but since a recent Apple upgrade for SL, the Elgato EyeTV works no more. This is doubly annoying as Elgato says on its website that the EyeTV software is compatible with SL.

    I use Time Machine, and just before I installed SL, I backed up so my intention now is to revert back to Leopard by booting off the Leopard DVD and restoring Leopard from Time machine, hopefully bringing me back to 28 August just before SL. Then my Elgato hardware should work and I can keep my eye on the forums to see when the bugs are ironed out of SL before I redo a SL upgrade.
    This is disappointing, but if I am in a worse position with SL because EyeTV doesn't work, it ain't an upgrade.

    Has any one else experienced SL + Elgato EyeTV incompatibility?

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    Thank you technologist, yes I tried all of that. I didn't elaborate in the original post (I did say that Elgato claims EyeTV is SL compatible, which I extracted from the website you passed on to me) but I did exactly as Elgato advised - upgraded to the beta, which I thought worked, but then, early this week there was an Apple upgrade to SL and since then, EyeTv has just shut down. No signal, no channels nothing, but I know there's nothing wrong with the hardware because next to the iMac is a Windows 7 (not RC or RTM, full Win7) on which I put the Elgato, which comes up as a Hauppauge stick of some sort and it works - same antenna, same Elgato device, different computer.
    I have an Apple support agreement and Apple's tech told me it was up to the application vendors to catch up.

    Thanks for the contact.

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