Actually, there are 2 websites this is happening to. Both are clients. I'm the web designer. ( and Welcome to Curves Ahead)

• It's not my internet connection - the rest of the web, email, skype... all work fine.
• It's not my browser - Safari, Opera, Firefox... same problem persists. (yes, I cleared the cash, history, reset the browsers)
• It's not my IP. I share an IP with my husband and he can visit the website with his PC. Also, the problem persists wether I use airport at home (Rogers), free wireless at the cafe or ethernet at the bosses office (Bell).

Therefore it's my macbook's settings.

If I create a new location for my system preferences > network settings I can trick the computer into going there. But that lasts for about 15-30 seconds and then I get the message, "Browser can’t open the page “” because browser can’t find the server “”. If I go back to the system preferences > network settings and switch locations again the website comes back... serious pain in the backside!

I've found several other forums with people experiencing the same problem but so far I've found no solutions. Can anyone offer any suggestions?