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    G4 ATI drivers snafu
    I decided to try using my old dual G4 450 as a multimedia computer and file server. I have the stock rage card in it as well as a radeon 7000. I initially hooked my Magnavox 32MF231d up to the dvi out on the radeon but found that I was missing part of the image all the way around the border of the screen. I couldn't see the menu bar. I figured I could just tweak with the overscan settings and get a full image on the 32" lcd tv. But there weren't any overscan settings in the displays panel. So I went to the ATI (AMD) website and downloaded drivers for OS 10.4 which is what I have installed on the G4. After installing the 10.3.6 update I've found that the computer won't even boot up right with the lcd hooked to the dvi connector. As the tv doesn't have a real VGA input, only a component video input, the VGA outs I have on these 2 video cards aren't working for me either. I've decided that I must have inadvertently regressed the video drivers by installing the file that ATI provided. But I'm not sure how to easily get them back. And even after I do I'm not sure if the dvi out is going to work anyway with the overscan problem. Any thoughts on this? btw, I have a retail set of 10.4 discs but I don't seem to see a 'restore in place' option when loading the first disc up.

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    Didn't your videocard come with some standard converters, like VGA>Component?

    I'm sure that if you search the net, you can find something.

    Hope this helps...

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