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    Snow Leopard side effects
    MBP 17 unibody 2.8GHz
    upgraded to 10.6 last week

    My computer always ran at a low temperature since i got it, and i also have smc fan control. After the upgrade, my computer started running a lot hotter, is this normal?
    The only other thing is that i changed my battery settings from longer battery life to better performance.. but i dont think that would be the reason

    Any input would be appreciated

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    you can fry an egg on the processor when it is running at full performance. The slower it runs the cooler it runs. The saving battery setting slows down the processor, it sucks less power, runs cooler.

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    Have a quick look in Activity Monitor to see if there are unwanted processes that are burning CPU cycles when your machine is actually idle.

    Also, search the forum as there have been some posts related to similar symptoms.

    Cheers ... McBie
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