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    snow leopard questions
    I just installed snow leopard on my mac min. I did not install rosetta. after installation the software update program started up and offered me 4 updates one being for print drivers I installed the updates. Now in system profile I have many printer app for ppc installed. where I had no ppc apps installed before updating to snow leopard. The printer files are dated- 08-07-05 what happened where did these old files come from? Aren't there newer universal or intel printer apps for Snow Leopard?
    The printer prints fine.

    Whoops.. The scanner doesn't work. Says "Scanner could not be initialized" "Scanner not found"
    I should menton it's an HP C4180 printer scanner. It still scans stand alone just not usable as scanner in snow leopard.
    Any help or advice on this?

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    I would suggest you install Rosetta, it will ensure PPC Apps run on Snow Leopard
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    I took a closer look all those ppc files are in library/documentation/help/Hewlett-Packard/shrd/fscommand they appear to be documentation not apps. But the scanner definitely is not seen by Snow Leopard.

    Problem solved! I went to preferences and clicked the print&fax it showed print and scan options. I removed the device c4100 and then re-added there was no scan options. I restarted computer.
    Opened username/library/preferences now there was an HP folder that wasn't there before. deleted gthe plist file in it and restarted again. Bingo the scanner works. From image capture, preview and prefs pane. Whew. Not really that impressed by the apple.


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