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    Startup disk full message
    I have a mac book pro around 3 1/2 years old, it has a 73gb hard drive and it seems to be full.
    I have just purchased a 320gb hard drive and used time machine to back up to the external drive.

    I assume i need to remove files from the laptop but i am not sure if this is the best thing to do.

    I am not a mac expert so anyone with any ideas would be great.

    The laptop has slowed a bit and when i try and use vertain programs like photoshop i get a message to say not enough memory.

    I only have around 2gb of images and 1 gb of movies on the laptop so not sure why the disk is so full. I have tried the disk utility but the only freed 500mb of space.

    Thank you to anyone who can help


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    So you have your system install, 2 GB of Pics an 1 GB of Movies on it, that's it?

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    I'm sure you have any more files on your laptop taking up space!

    You already admitted that you are not a Mac try a bit harder to find some files to delete or backup.

    What about music files, videos, photos, programs that you installed & don't use...there's got to be plenty on there.

    - Nick
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    Sep 13, 2009
    Startup disk full
    I do have the normal programs and around 200 tracks on i tunes

    I have mac office installed, photoshop, and a few small programs.

    Just need to know the best options to delete files, now i have used passport to back on the extrenal drive i assume it would be safe to delete images and some programs.

    many thanks

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