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Thread: Recent convert to Mac having startup problem!

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    Recent convert to Mac having startup problem!
    Hi everyone!

    I switched to mac about 4 months ago, and am happy with the move, but this week something has happened and my imac is... erm... acting strangely on start-up

    Start up time is as it always has been, but when it comes to the user screen to log in, the alert sound repeats over and over and over until you click on your icon to log in.

    When I've logged in, my desktop looks as it always did, but with a new addition!. An untitled (and empty) extra hard drive icon is there (you can eject it, but when you startup next time, it'll be there again!)

    Another strange thing is you can't click on an icon on the screen. If you do, another icon gets highlighted. The only was you can solve this is to go to a search box, or login box when the computer autofills with endless +++++++++++++++++ until you press backspace to delete them.

    When this has happened, my mac seems to calm down, and I can work normally.

    I know there aren't any viruses for OSX (I've not got snow leopard yet)
    If I was on a windows machine, I'd be straight to my malware scanner then do a full virus scan, as this pattern of behaviours screams something dodgy to me.

    Any ideas guys? I'm afraid I don't know the operating system well enough to go poking around.



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    It sounds like you simply have a sticky or broken key on your keyboard. Try booting your Mac with a different keyboard attached and see if it still does the same thing. As for the disk image on your desktop, check to see if you accidentally added something to your startup items in System Preferences - Accounts.

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