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    System requested - Snow Leopard

    After upgrading my OS to Snow Leopard, the system asked for a file "System". I clicked on "cancel" option, as I did not find the file on my MacBook (System/Library/CoreService/System, and the installation ended correctly !!!

    Is this file important?
    Shall I need to install this file ?
    How to install this file, after the Snow Leopard upgrade ?
    Shall I run a new installation ?
    Is there a patch to install this file ?

    Appreciate any help on this issue

    Note : It seems that my OS Snow Leopard is working correctly for the moment on my MacBook

    Best Regards
    and many thanks in advance for your help ans support

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    Sep 03, 2009
    Apparently this is something to do with the installation when a new installation is completed it starts a video which takes you through the new features of Snow Leopard but according to some other sites it appears as though this does not function as it should do when you complete an upgrade.

    Same thing happened to me which is why I went looking for an answer and this was the one offered which seems in line with the what others have stated.

    Hope this helps



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