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    copying music to my ext HD
    So here is my problem. The computer I use to store music on etc is a Toshiba, well it has a software problem which won't run windows. I want my music so I bought a hdd cradle to plug into my Mac to pull my music over.

    I took the hdd out, put it in the cradle and plugged it into my mac.
    It came up as a device, which I can view everything on it.
    I find where all my music is stored in the iTunes folder and my first attempt was to cop and paste it onto my external hdd. Well, some songs I guess are bad by my Macs standards, so it doesn't put them on, freezes, and stops the WHOLE process. Which means I would have to find that problem file, then copy and paste everything AFTER it. Which means skipping the rest of the songs by that artist since it's usually a random song in a sub folder under an Artist.

    So I tried using disk utility to copy my whole hdd over to my external, I got an error there too.

    I then tried copy the whole iTunes music folder over to the iTunes on this computer, even though that isn't where I want it. That doesn't work either it skips the problem files and then just messes up again, freezes and shuts iTunes down. Which everything that was added before the error came up gets erased out of iTunes.

    I am out of ideas! Someone help me get my music off of this hdd.

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    Use Terminal to do the copy. If you use the cp -Rv option (which is verbose mode) it will display which file it bombs out on.

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    How do I do that? Can you walk me through it.

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    The folders, 604, are in Volumes/SQ004513V03/Users/Adrian/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music.

    The SQ004513V03 is the hard drive I have in a cradle plugged into my Mac.

    I want all of the folders of music to go to my external hard drive, which is called MY PASSPORT.

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