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    third-party keyboard identification.
    Hi all,

    Every time i plug in a third-party keyboard i use with my Quicksilver, the keyboard identification wizard pops up. Is there a way to make Tiger to remember the keyboard and do not ask for identification?

    Thank you in advanced

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    Well, this maybe sounded a bit silly. The practical problem here is that i access my computer through a KVM switch, so every time i switch to OS X i have to make this identification proccess again which is pretty annoying.

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    lol... tht sucks,
    sorry i dont know anyway to stop tht from happening...

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    Is it a USB or a PS2 kvm switch?

    The reason I ask is that I am using a old IBM key clacker (PS2 connector) for my keyboard through a PS2 KVM switch (a 100 dollar miniView from Best Buy) between my Apple and two Linux machines. When I used a USB switch I got your exact problem. It does not happen now that I have changed to a PS2 switch and use USB/PS2 adapter cables. Be advised that I am using Snow Leopard (and previously Leopard) so have no experience with Tiger.

    No USB KVM switch in my experience, whether a cheapo noname or a 1500 Cisco is worth the effort to unbox it. At least on a Mac you get the chance to answer a question and keep going. On a windows box, you lose your keyboard (or mouse) permanently until you reboot.


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