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    Unhappy Sharing external hard drive

    I'm pretty new to MAC, because I just couldn't bring myself to get Vista. I love everything about the Mac so far, but I'm having difficulty reconnecting to the external hard drives 2 of us. All 3 of us have an Imac. We have a wireless network setup.

    One 500 gig hard drive is connected to my computer. The other external 500 gig drive I partitioned into 4 drives - 3 of the 4 drives are used for time machine, and the other drive was a 'catch all' drive for us to use. However, I guess with all the little updates, both external hard drives could not be accessed. Strangely, the TM drives each of us use work fine. I can also access the public folder of the other roommates' drives. It is just files on the the external drives that I cannot access.

    I checked the system preferences on all the machines and we have the external drives set to sharing with each of us able to read and write. When I click the shared computer, the external drive does show up, but when I select it, it gives me an error that "the operation could not be completed because the original item cannot be found." I 'get info' on the drive and it states it is a 'sharepoint' kind with a size of zero kb. I try to fix the alias but it won't let me select the drive. HELP!

    Thank you in advance,

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    Ok, I think I figured it out. I removed the shared drive from the shared window under the system preferences/file system. I then renamed the drive and the added the drive back to the list of folders that are to be shared. I went back to one of the computers and clicked on the new file folder and it opened and allowed me to view all the files.

    The other drive I cannot get it to be viewed, but I think it is because I use that drive for the MAC and PC side of one computer and it is formatted to FAT32 instead of the 'sharepoint' listing that I get with the folder that is working. I'm okay with that though. At least I think I figured it out. If I'm wrong, and can share the PC/MAC fat32 drive with the other Macs let me know.

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