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    Question Kernel Panic when booting Tiger Install CDs on a 10.5 Mini G4
    Hey all,

    I brought a Mac Mini G4 off eBay for a reasonable amount of money, and it came with Tiger installation discs. It had Leopard installed on the Mac Mini and I said to the seller I'd format it (as it has his licenses on the computer and I don't want to get him in trouble).

    Here's what I did:

    Booted the Mini, inserted Mac Mini G4 Install Disc 1 when it came on the 10.5 Desktop. Rebooted and it started booting from the disc after the "Dahhhhhhh!" chime.

    Apple grey logo appears. The spinner starts spinning. After a moment, it goes dark grey and says "You need to reboot your computer". Text appears on the screen; it says:

    PANIC: Unable to find driver for device 'PowerMac10,2'
    ....blah blah panic stack info etc blah blah...
    Darwin Kernel v9.0 (other info on this line)
    PANIC: We are hanging here...
    System Spec: PowerPC G4 Mac Mini @ 1.33Ghz, 512MB RAM, 40GB HDD, Combo CDRW/DVD Drive.

    I suspect that Leopard upgraded some CPU related hardware device and now Tiger isn't liking that upgrade.

    Is it possible to get Tiger installed on the Mini? I know you're possibly thinking "You n00b, Leopard > Tiger" but I want to see what Tiger is like.


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    It is a G4 Mini, and I doubt the Tiger discs you are using were originally issued with the machine and that is where your problem probably lay. If you want to go this way purchase a Tiger OS X.4 full install DVD, and not the silver/grey model specific.

    Here are the specs and you will see the machine, listed is 1.25GHz as 1.33 does not appear, originally came with Panther OS X.3.7 install discs:-

    Apple Mac mini G4/1.25 Specs (Mac mini - M9686LL/A*) @

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