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    I know I need to update my software so bad but:

    1. When I do software update it says it can't connect, but I already figured that out not a huge problem.

    2. I made a new user because my old one was messed up (couldnt open system preferences without freezing, slow, stuff like that) so I want to transfer all my files from my old user (administrator) to a brand new one I just made (which is also an administrator) and delete the old user, how do I do this? Because right now I can just copy and paste old files from the old user to the new and it is taking up crazy space on my HD cause some files I have two of, like my iTunes.

    help me out! thanks!

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    Try a CUT (command-x) and paste. Cutting deletes the files from their original locations and moves them to the clipboard.

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    From your post, if you have the Leopard install DVD, suggest you boot from the disc, repair the Hard Drive and do an archive and install. This will place a new Leopard OS on the machine and your files etc should be in a folder named Old System or similar. After transferring what you want, go to the Apple web site and download the OS X.5.8 combo updater.

    Mac OS X 10.5.8 Combo Update

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