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    Installing OSX on any computer?
    I got an iPhone a few weeks ago and now its really pulled me much closer to trying Mac OS than I thought id ever be!

    I went into the apple store near me and the MacBook Pro is a quite expensive at around 2000. I cant justify spending that kinda money on something im not sure about, so...

    Is it possible to just buy osx and install and run it on a spare computer that I have at home?

    Maybe this is a silly question, I dont know. I can see that apple have their marketing well sorted out and they are going for desirability with the design and stuff. So taking this into consideration I imagine they might not be too keen on people installing their OS on any old computer!

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    It would be a violation of the EULA, and thus instructions on doing so is not something you'll find on this forum.. I will say though that since OS X is really built on a specific hardware set one could find drivers etc a challenge
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    And since it would be against the EULA of OS X...
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