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    Question Disk Images
    I just bought a new game that comes on DVDs, and I was wondering if there's a way to play it without the DVDs (so I don't always have to have them with me...) THIS IS NOT FOR PIRACY PURPOSES! I just remember that I once read that if you make a Disk Image, or something like that, out of the DVD, you can convince the computer that the DVD is in there. I know this sounds vague, but if anyone can help me figure this out...
    BTW, if its possible, I'd like to do this from my external HD, to conserve space on my PowerBook.
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    Well, if the disk does not have copy protection on it you can make an image of it using Disk Utility. MacMan gave some good instructions on the "Burning Data & Audio CDs" thread.

    open disk utility from utilities folder, click the cd in the left column after it says gathering disk info, then click Image>New>image from "cd name", then save it to your hd, it copies that cds contents as a disk image on your mac where ever you save it, then eject that disk, mount the disk image and in disk utility, select it in the list on the left and click burn.
    Just skip the burn step. Some discs have intentional errors to prevent copying though. If that is the case with the disc in question this will not work.

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    I'm looking into this same topic. I was able to mount the images on a virtual drive on my pc without any problems, but even after mounting the image on my mac, the game insists I insert the disks. Any recommendations?

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