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    Ext. HD and 10.6 TM vs. CCC
    I have just upgraded to 10.6 (It's great btw) Now I'm faced with a dilemma... I did an erase and install so it would be 100% clean HD, but before I did that I cloned my tiger HD onto an ext. HD using CCC. I have moved my music and some documents over to snowy. Now I would like to clone my 10.6 hd onto the ext. hd, overwriting what I have there since I looked at it and its pretty much junk collected over the years. How should I go about this? Will CCC do the job? What about time machine? I heard that TM is not a cloner and does not handle bootable images, just a backup app. I would like to have my cloned and bootable image onto my ext HD.

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    You are correct in that TM will not create a bootable backup or clone. I personally use "SuperDuper!" for creating clones (its latest version is compatible with SL). I'm not sure about CCC, though I haven't read anything that says it wouldn't work with SL. If you're certain that you are finished with the Tiger clone, I would just reformat the external and clone your SL onto it with CCC.

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