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    TMP folder in trash, Cannot copy and paste
    I stupidly deleted the TMP folder from my macbook, I won't go into detail why I did, bad move I know now.

    But anyway I soon found on a few forums how this folder contains information essential for copy and paste, drag and drop, and spotlight usages. I cannot obviously not copy and paste, drag and drop or access spotlight anymore..

    I found the folder in the trash bin, problem being I cannot copy and paste or drag and drop back into "macintosh" as this is the folder needed to do this in the first place, Can anyone help with this problem?

    I have attempted to burn the folder to disc but the disc will not allow it

    Any help would be greatly appreciate, please excuse my stupidity in deleting it in the first place

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    Download TinkerTool and use it to show hidden files and folders

    Then create a new tmp folder in
    hard disk/private/tmp

    Make sure all users have read write access to that folder

    OF course, a restart may just force the system to recreate a tmp folder but I am not sure
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    I'm sorry you might have to simplify this for me

    I downloaded tinkertool however upon trying to open the application an error message pops up "an unexpected error occured (error code - 10822)

    I attempted a restart but no such luck, on creating a new tmp folder how do I go about inserting it's contents too? as they all lay in the trash at the moment

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    Sep 09, 2009
    sorry... stupidity getting the better of me again, it worked brilliantly, thanks so much for your help!

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    Please help!
    Apparently I'm stupid too. I did the same exact thing you did but I can't get past the "unexpected error" with TinkerTool. If you could tell me how you did it that would be great. I can't seem to find any other way to get my copy/paste and drag and drop back.


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