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    mouse disappearing..
    hey guys

    i have been having a bit of trouble latley with my MacBook Pro (2.4GHz Intel core 2 duo, 2GB. MAC OSX 10.5.8) Every now and again after my mac goes to sleep/standby mode the mouse disappears off the screen.

    its the strangest thing, the cursor totally disappeared and i couldnt click on anything of see it. The only way i can remedy this is by restarting. When this happens all the shortcuts still work on my programs and i havnt got it connected to any other screens or drives.

    anyone had/having similar problems or know of anything that could help?


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    Are you using the trackpad only, or an external mouse, bluetooth or not?

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    hi im using the touchpad mostly when it happens.

    i do use a bluetooth mouse too when im editing and stuff.

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