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    Changing Download Options

    I've got a MacBook running OSX 10.5.7

    When I download anything (program, PDF, picture) from the internet it goes into the dedicated download folder. To get to that folder, I click on the following pathway: Macintosh HD ---> Users ---> "My Name" --->Downloads.

    That seems a little cumbersome. Are any of the following options possible:

    1) Change some kind of settings so that anything I download goes directly to the desktop?

    2) Move the Downloads folder to the desktop (OSX will not let me click and drag the download folder).

    Any other ideas?

    I just don't want to have to click through a series of folders to access my downloaded materials.


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    1) You don't say which browser. But, in Safari preferences>General there is an option to Save downloaded files to:

    2) Nah. You're correct that you cannot move the Downloads folder to the Desktop. But, you can drag it to the sidebar of its Finder window and drop it under the "Places" heading. Now that will appear in every Finder window, and one click gets you there. In fact, that's such a good idea, I just did it myself. (First to test it, then decided to leave it!)

    3) If you prefer, you can make an alias of the Downloads folder and put that on the Desktop. That takes a double click to open. (Of course, with no Finder window open, it takes a double click to get one, then a single click on Downloads under Places.)

    4) You might have a Downloads icon in your Dock. If so, a right click on that will bring up a menu with one choice being to open the folder.

    5) The possibilities are almost endless. It's a Mac!

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