I had upgraded to Snow Leopard on my MacBook the day it got shipped on Friday, Aug. 28th. Here it is, Sept. 9th and it's the little stuff that's driving me crazy.

I run a daily WordPress blog.
I use Firefox v3.5.2 daily.
I use Yojimbo daily.

When I installed Snow Leopard, some apps didn't work. I updated Yojimbo to v2.0. I got the Flip4Mac beta and the Flash

After I installed Snow Leopard on my MacBook, and after a while, the bookmarks wouldn't highlight themselves as I hovered the mouse over the selections. The cursor remained the i-beam.

WordPress 2.8.4 had a unique way where, in edit mode, you could hover the mouse cursor over over a post entry, and it would present you with choices (Quick Edit, Delete, View, etc.) Now those features are gone.

Yojimbo is fine since upgrading to v2.0.

I have since restored my MacBook back to Leopard 10.5.8, but the mouse hovering contextual menu problem seems to have followed me back.

Firefox under Snow Leopard has screwed up my privacy settings in that, regardless of how I set the preferences, it reverts back to automatically use custom preferences. And my automatic-complete password fill-ins have been disabled for my most frequently visited sites.

This trouble on my MB only started since the Snow Leopard upgrade. I'm wondering if it's a hardware problem. But why now? After the upgrade?

Perhaps someone can shed some light on this dilemma and make my days go a littel easier.