I'm using a late 2008 model Mac Book Pro. I keep everything up to date so I currently have OS X 10.5.8. I recently got a Razer Death Adder mouse for both gaming and to use for my computer animation school work. When I use the Death Adder in OS X, the curser is all jittery and skippy. It is like this whether I have the drivers installed or not and no matter what settings I use within the drivers.

I even removed the driver for my pen tablet thinking that maybe it was causing the issue but it didn't change a thing. When I plug in my Logitech MX 518, there is no issue and the movement is normal. I have contacted two different support specialists from Razer and they say they have never heard of this problem before. I also use Windows XP through boot camp to play some games and stuff but I do a lot in OS X. The mouse moves absolutely flawless in Windows. And like I said the bad movement in OS X occurs whether I have the drivers installed or not so I've pretty much taken driver conflicts, bugs etc. out of the equation.

I am completely dumb-founded by this. Its as if my Mac Book Pro just doesn't like this mouse. One thing that I will note though is that Ever since even the first use of the Death Adder in windows, the touchpad has been disabled. It makes me wonder if disabling the touchpad in OS X would resolve the movement issue as well? But then again, why doesn't the same thing happen when I use the MX 518 mouse? SO CONFUSED!