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    How can I remove all the data and make it close to 500gb
    Hello all, I bought a 500gb to replace my 200gb hard drive for my MBP and installed the snow leopard and windows but I messed up. So I tried everything to delete the data using disk utility but for some reason, there is still 35gb occupying the 500gb. How can I remove all the data and make it close to 500gb. Thanks in advance!

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    well you cant delete the system if it's booted ... to completely wipe the drive, you need to either put it in a different computer as an external drive, or boot from your mac os install dvd and use the disk utility from there

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    You will never have the total amount of space for a drive as the act of formatting for a file system consumes a certain amount of space. Based on the numbers that you posted it sounds like this is what you are seeing and that the drive is already clean.

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