I've only been a mac user for a few months now. When I was checking out macs before I purchased one I noticed that on every one the applications menu in the dock opens up slow and jittery when in grid view. Iphoto was even worse when hitting the spacebar to quicklook a photo. It isn't a smooth animation. I figured that it was just that the systems in the stores were bogged down with stuff. Well my brand new imac does the same thing. And now that I've installed Snow Leopard it is even worse. The animation using quicklook in Finder is now jittery and it wasn't in Leopard. I even tried a clean install versus the upgrade to see if that would help. It didn't. I know I'm being picky but this is top of line hardware with the "most advanced operating system in the world". Is there some sort of settings that might improve this? Or am I just going to have to live with it? It's just a shame because the OS is a work of art other than this. Thanks for any help.