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    10.4 expose and menu problems...
    Hi, I cant seem to find anyone else with this problem.
    i have a 3 year old macbook running tiger and just today the expose and drop down menus decided not to behave as they are supposed to.
    wheni press f9 or f10, the windows move in to expose as they are supposed to, but they immediately return to their original position. drop down menus such as the apple and file menus on the top only open for a split second and then close right away. This also happens with right-click dock menus. safari cannot load pages either.. except for my homepage.
    can anyone help me out here? ive never had any issues with my computer until now.
    i cant even open the shutdown menu without it closing right away, so i can only do hard shut downs

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    You might want to start a new topic about Safari in the Applications area.

    As far as the other issues, they all occur in the Finder. I wouldn't hurt to move this file: out of the Preferences folder in your Home folder Library. Users>your home folder(the house icon)>Library>Preferences

    A new plist file will be created. If the problem persists, you'll have to try something else, but this is a good start. It might just fix it.

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    Weird problem.

    Can't help with Safari, but you should try to not just click, but click and hold, when you want a menu. Also, HOLD the button for exposé, don't just press it. Normally, you don't have to do that, but this is a workaround for your exposé and menu problems for now.

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