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MacBook Pro - Screen bright spots/scratches

I have a 17' MacBook pro that is just over a year old. It has the NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT Graphics/Display. I just noticed three bright white spots on my screen. They are much larger than pixel size and are more noticeable when a white background window is open on the screen. When a different colour is manoeuvred over these spots they are not as bright but still visible. I've seen 1 post of this type but no real ideas as to what the problem is. Anybody else with a similar problem? Where does a person go after warranty has expired to lodge a complaint?

The following was added Sept. 05, 2009. "Since yesterday I have found 4 more of these spots for a total of seven!"

I've also noticed a lot of posts regarding screen scratches on macs laptops caused buy the key pad when the unit is closed. My guess is they are caused when we pack them around with us. I wonder why apple didn't warn people of this serious issue? Is there a way to repair these scratches without replacing the screen? Do you think apple should be supplying protective key covers at point of sale to prevent these scratches or at least warn their customers of this possibility?