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    My mother has a macbook from 2006 with Tiger. I bought a 15in MBP in 2007 right when leopard came out, and it came with an upgrade disc because the MBP had tiger preinstalled. I've since sold the MBP (for a newer 17in MBP), but still have the Leopard update disc. I've just upgraded to my 17in MBP to SL, and I bought the family pack.

    Can I put the 10.5 disc that came with the 15in MBP into the 10.4 MB to update it to Leopard, and then update 10.5 to 10.6 using the family pack disc?

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    It should work.

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    Can anyone provide a little more insight, or is that about it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miamifan1354 View Post
    Can anyone provide a little more insight, or is that about it?
    Is that 10.5 Upgrade disk grey/silver colored? If so...they are model specific...and since it was originally for a 2007 may not work in an older MacBook from 2006.

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