Hi all,

I recently sychronized Mac Mail with my Gmail account via IMAP and then deleted some 10 Gigabytes of mail messages from my Gmail. However, I didn't notice I should have flagged OS X Mail not to delete messages deleted from the server.

Yesterday I realized that all the messages I deleted from Gmail have been deleted from OS X Mail too.

I have read several threads in this forum about similar situations, however I still have a couple of unresolved questions:

1) Since I have been using my Mac for about one week before I have realized my messages have been deleted and suposing some of the released space in the hard drive has been already overwritten. Is there any chance I can recover some individual messages or is it an all-or-nothing subject?

2) I don't have any other Mac computer, nor a Mac OS X backup drive. In case I want to boot from an external drive (to prevent further damages to any recoverable file) what options do I have?

Thanks in advance,