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    Partitioning and bootable Mac OS
    Guys.. i wonder how to install a bootable Mac Os on my hardrive..having an external bootable installer is enough for me to save toasting dvds..

    this is the situation

    1. i have 160gb Portable hardrive and i want to partition it into 5 ..

    2. i already partitioned it into 5 part.. 5gb for Tiger OS, 10gb for Leopard , 20gb for Snow leopard, 100gb for my backup , and 25gb for my apps..

    3. i want to have 3 bootable installer drives "Mac Os Install" , TIger, leopard and Snow Leopard.. the problem is i dont know how to do it... i tried to copy it and nothing happens.. i have a dmg file of Tiger Os, Leopard, and Snow Leopard.. but i tried several ways to have a bootable Mac Os installer and i failed too..

    i have PowerbookG4 and MBP13".. need your genius idea to help me out here.. thanks and more power..

    Ps.. i dont know where to put this thread please move it to proper thread thanks

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    1)First off, make sure that the partitions you create are bootable. When selecting number of partitions in Disk Utility(DU), you also have to select GUID Partition Table or Apple Partition Map depending on the type of Mac you are trying to boot it from.

    2)Now insert the installation DVD and create an image using the DU.

    3)Use the Restore option in DU to copy all the files from the image to the HDD partition.

    If you did everything correct, the newly created partition should appear on your System Preferences > Startup Disk.

    To select the boot partition, press and hold the Option key during bootup.

    Repeat the same for other OS X versions.

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    okay novicew. i will try that.... tnx

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