Hi all,

I have installed 10.6 on 3 systems - 2 of them, the upgrade went perfectly, the third, my mac pro, it seemed to hang at the blue screen. After waiting around 15 minutes at the blue screen with the cursor, I figured something hung the reboot. So I power cycled, and everything came up as normal.

I've had some small issues, but nothing I would call major issues - but I've noticed one thing and I'm wondering if it's indicative of a more major problem that is lurking due to something not completing during the install.

I use terminal a lot. On my Macbook and my mini, if I launch terminal, I get my command line with cursor ready to go in about a second or less - basically it's fast, as one would expect with just a terminal app.

On my Mac Pro, I can count to 5 between the time the terminal window comes up and the prompt is ready to accept input.

Watching the activity monitor, I see the 5 second delay between the window being activated and bash coming online and active. This also happens with subsequent windows opened in Terminal (via Command-N)

I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this and if they had suggestions as to what may be causing this strange issue. I'm thinking something is running in the background causing my system to do this, but I'm not sure what. I've terminated most older 32bit processes that I recognized from pre-snow leopard installed software (iAntivirus, Apple QMastered (part of Final Cut Studio), VMWare processes, etc. but not OS processes or processes I didn't recognize).

I know it seems like an odd thing to ask, but I also know terminal should take no time to launch, which means to me if it is, something may not be 100% as it should.

----------------- UPDATE --------------------
Never mind, I located the issue. the OS was real picky that there were no DNS records for my specific computer; once I added a DNS record terminal opened immediately like it should. The interesting thing is that I didn't have this issue with 10.5 so something must have changed in 10.6 to make it "more picky".

The interesting thing is I'm still having an issue where it won't let me browse my network (shift+command+k) to see systems on my network. I should see 2 other systems not including my own that I know have active shares available. I can get to them if I do a connect to server tho. I've checked my security and my firewall is currently off (I'm behind 2 other firewalls before the internet) and I've made sure ipv6 is disabled.