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Thread: OSX Trackpad Chinese Handwriting appears only on first Space

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    Question OSX Trackpad Chinese Handwriting appears only on first Space
    I have Spaces enabled so that I have multiple desktops to work on. I want to use the Trackpad Chinese Handwriting input on all Spaces, but the Trackpad Handwriting window only appears on the first desktop. How can I make the window appear on all spaces?

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    I ran into this same problem -- and it was driving me nuts!

    Sometimes I even had to kill /System/Library/Input Methods/ from the terminal because, even though it didn't show up in other desktops, it wouldn't give the mouse back!

    I think it might be a keyboard shortcuts conflict. I finally solved it by changing the keyboard shortcut to something other than CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR (the default).

    In case you're looking, go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Keyboard & Text Input , then double-click on the current shortcut to the right of "Show/Hide Trackpad Handwriting" and enter your new shortcut. Just make sure you choose something that doesn't conflict with an existing shortcut

    For example, setting it to CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+SPACEBAR suddenly meant it appeared on every space when selected. I've literally just got this to work, so it comes with that health warning. Good luck, though


    P.S. If anyone at Apple fancies getting this working for Japanese, I'd be a very happy guy ...

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    Talking Handwriting in All Spaces Fix
    1. Browse to: System/library/inputmethods/
    2. Keep finder window open.
    3. Launch >System Preferences>Expose & Spaces.
    4. Drag the from the open window into the Application Assignments list in Spaces.
    5. Select Every Space in the space selection list.
    6. Restart

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