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    One small annoyance, hopefully someone can help?
    Ok well I did the whole upgrade this weekend. I'm loving it so far but I have one small annoyance. I think something is messed up in my user accounts. When I upgraded, I completely wiped my drive and did a fresh install of 10.6. I had a bootable backup clone of my drive before I upgraded so that I could use Migration Assistant to copy back over my user settings.

    Now I learned that to do this, I had to change my newly created user account name, since it can't transfer an account over if they both have the same name. I figured I could just change it back later, so I set it to "admin". After the transfer, I went into my user accounts and changed them around, so I just had one account named "todd".

    Now, for some reason, the sidebar in a finder window has my home folder labeled as "admin", but I still login using the name "todd". As you can see in the screenshots, I think something was messed up. I verified and repaired permissions and have since restarted, but it's a no go. Any help?
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    UPDATE: I have also noticed that whenever I quit Adium, the dock icon goes back to the original default. If anyone else is having this, please let me know. I'm about ready to make a new Administrator account and manually change things over.

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    I think you can just change your account's "Short Name", or the name of your home folder, to "todd", if that's what you are trying to do.

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    Well I was messing around with it last night, changed some of the Advanced Settings and completely screwed it up, haha. It wouldn't even boot into the user account. No worries, I re-formated again last night and I'm just starting from scratch. I'm manually installing things and pulling files off of my external.

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