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    Installing OSX onto a new hard drive

    I've just finished installing a new internal hard drive on my mac book pro and now i need to install my operating system. As this is new to me I'm not sure what I should be doing.

    I'm trying to install Tiger so that I can then install my leopard upgrade. (snow leopard is on its way to me soon too). When I boot my mac up it gets to the install screen where it asks me to select a destination volume to install. Because its a completely new hard drive there's just a blank space where the drives should be. What do I have to do to get the hard drive to come up on the install. Do I have to create a disk image or format the drive to mac or something?

    Any help would be great as I'm completely stuck.

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    While booted from the CD/DVD, go to the toolbar at the top, select TOOLs and then select DISC UTILITY. Use that to format the drive, then install the system.

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    When you boot from DVD, go to Disk Utility, then format your harddrive to Mac OS Extended Journaled.

    Once done, you will then see your disk on the install section that you were talking about.

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