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    Just did Snow Leopard clean installation
    hi guys,

    I upgraded to Snow Leopard yesterday morning and today I decided to reinstall my MBP with a clean installation, after knowing that we can run a clean install instead of has to be upgraded from Leopard. To be clear, I was a Leopard user.

    The installation is almost like you can see in Leopard. So far, the installation just finished, I check and saw it used 10.02 GB on disk, the desktop is totally clean meaning there is not Macintosh HD as usual we saw or with boot camp partition if you had. So, I guess I have to make alias for those.

    The firewall is not enabled, it is turned off as it came up after the installation. There are new quick time player in application and quicktime player 7 in utilities. That is so far what i have seen and now I will do clean install all my applications again and some of them will be restored from Time Machine. I will post the results after I finish.



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    You should be able to restore the hard drive icon by going to the Finder menu and selecting Preferences

    Otherwise let us know how it goes
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    Restore some applications from Time Machine

    Dreamweaver CS4, Warcraft 3, AppZapper, BBedit, Yahoo Messenger, Microsoft Messenger error something like this,, don't have permission, well when I just saw that error, I was really not in the mood to keep those apps on my Snow Leopard, therefore I drag them all to Trash

    OK, I found the reason of that error, problem because of Microsoft Messenger. Found it after doing 1 by 1 app at a time. So I guess I have to do manual install it later.

    I did Secure Emplty Trash 7.5 GB, it was empty quite fast, a little faster than in Leopard (as I am feeling ), no stuck here.

    *One more point, during the machine does Secure Empty Trash, I do manual restore apps from Time Machine, all run pretty good. No problem at all

    Restore Warcraft 3 from Time Machine---> result succeed, running flawless

    Restore Toast 10 Titanium---> result succeed, tried to burnt a cd with pictures, it was flawless.

    Restore Dreamweaver CS4 was ok, running is fine. Now I try to do clean install Trial Photoshop 4---> installing been through, no problem, trying to use some tools in photoshop such as Clone Stamp Tool, Lasso Tool and Gradient Tool, all run flawless.

    Restore Mail(my own domain mail and gmail) both email accounts were restored succeed. Don't forget to restore file . First opening Mail, it asked for password of your email accounts, just for the first run only.

    Restore Address Book succeed without any problem.

    Restore Documents, Downloads, Movies, Pictures and Sites folder, all restore succeed.

    Did clean install iLife...while the installation processes about 30 sec, I try to install MySQL at the same time, then boom! Kernel Panic, Well please tell me why? if you are experienced about this issue, I am not sure is it because of the machine running by all speed? as I can hear , both 2 fans running like top speed

    Did clean install iWork 09, MS office, then I run apple software update, yeah...there are many updates but this time we don't need to restart machine as we met in previous OS X ( if I remember correct)

    ** Updated, I got Kernel Panic like 5 times in a row and I found out because of my external usb HDD, I got 2 mini external USB HDD(not the same kind), the one for Time Machine is running fine from start until the end, the other that I am doubting is the reason make my MBP Kernel Panic. I tried to plug it in my wife iMac and share.

    By this way, I don't have any kernel panic so far.

    This is my MBP configuration
    -Bought it in September 2007
    C2D 2.4 Ghz
    2 GB Ram --> upgraded to 4GB
    160 Gb HDD --> upgraded to Seagate 500gb 7200rpm

    Yes, I bought Apple care and after almost 1 year usage, the machine got replace almost EVERYTHING, I list as order below

    Bought the machine around 10 of September 2007, using around first 3 weeks, here it came
    - Top case, Flex Assy, HDD/IR/SIL

    Around 11 months after, many defects come same time
    -Mainboard defected ( NVIDIA issue) PCBA, MLB, 2.4 GHZ, REV2
    -Display LCD
    -Left I/O Board Flex

    After Apple fix those 3 defected above, 1 month later, the mighty mouse failed(I know it is not in the same package but I just list coz still Apple product)

    And about 1 and half month ago, here it come again
    - Superdriver

    That's it. I think some of you will shock when look at the list that they replaced, I am wondering if this is the luck or bad luck with my MBP

    Still playing around with Snow Leopard, if I found something, I would shoot.

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    When you do a clean install, you need to go to Finder preferences and on the first page you will see that hard discs is unchecked. Check it and your Macintosh HD will appear in the upper right hand corner of the desktop. Also, Expose's icon and Spaces' icons must be dragged from the Utilities folder found in Applications and dragged to the dock if you want them since these are not among the Applications proper.

    Incidentally, when you do an upgrade from Leopard, on the dock you will find only Documents and Downloads folders where as with the clean install there will be an additional Applications folder. If you upgrade and want the Applications folder, go to the Macintosh HD button in finder and drag the Application folder to the dock next to the Documents and Downloads folders and it will stay there. Be careful not to drag the Applications folder to the desktop or all of the applications will start copying to the folder on the desktop! Get it on the dock with the other two folders and this will not happen.

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