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    Backtracking on a terminal command

    In a vague attempt at accessing youtube from Turkey, which currently has a ban of sorts going on the site, I entered the following commands in a terminal window after finding it as a possible solution on

    sudo bash
    echo "" >> /etc/hosts

    This sort of fixed my problem whilst in Turkey, but now that I'm out of the country and in a place where freedom of expression and information is (in appearance at least) better protected, I find myself unable to access youtube in any way through Safari.

    So the question, in a nutshell, is: how do I backtrack on the command I entered previously? ie. : how do I erase whatever modification it may have made?

    Any answers appreciated, I'm unix illiterate


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    You just need to edit your hosts file.

    Here's how I'd do it:

    Open up Terminal and type:

    sudo pico /etc/hosts

    That will open up a relatively easy to use text editor and allow you to remove the entry (just delete the entire line that your edit is on). When you're done, hit Control-X, 'Y' to save changes and then type exit at the prompt.

    That's all there is to it.
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    Thank you very much, that was very helpful!

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