Ok, here is the story. We replaced a Linux server at a client site with a native windows one (details aren't important why). The environment is mostly windows PC's with about 10 macs. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, everything was running fine. Thursday came around and all of a sudden, macs running Leopard cannot connect to the SMB shares on this server only by dns name only. The Tiger macs are unaffected and running fine.

Say if you run (SMB://IP address) it ask for credentials and connect you fine. But if you run (SMB://Windows Server name) it will tell you the server is not there and to check the connection and your INTERNET connection. But if you try to hit the share on the other server which is Linux by name, it is fine. Again, the tiger macs are unaffected. Also, if you try to browse the network, the server is listed, but not accessible. You can ping the server by dns name and it will resolve to the right ip and everything.

So, it seems to me that there is a difference in the SMB daemon between tiger and leopard. I was wondering if there was a recent update that updated the daemon or if anyone has ever experienced this before.