I recently just setup boot camp so i can dual boot with windows 7. I then was able to partition a third part of my hdd for data files like movies, music, pictures etc. for easy sharing between both OS's. I was able to move all my itunes info (songs, playlist and all other info) to the data partition and set up itunes in osx to read from there without any problems. Now my whole goal for doing this was to be able to also have that exact same setup on the windows 7 side. I am lost as to how to go about getting all my songs, playlist and info into the itunes on windows 7 while keeping it in the data partition of the hdd. I basicaly want windows 7 to do all the itunes managing from the data partition exactly as it is on osx. If anyone can help me get all my stuff into windows 7 itunes with out having to copy it to my bootcamp windows partition i would much appriciate it!