I have the following set up for internet in the UK. TalkTalk broadband (8 meg) through BT landline - Draytek Vigor 120 ADSL Ethernet Modem - Time Capsule - Wireless n to Macs.

I am experiencing two problems, one that a couple of times a day the Time Capsule starts flashing orange and in Airport Utility the problem generally appears to be with the PPPoE server. Sometimes the issue spontaneously resolves itself within a couple of minutes. Other times I have to restart both the TC and the modem and then I get a green light and everything works again. I was experiencing similar problems with a previous modem and specifically bought the Draytek modem which translates the PPPoA service from TalkTalk to PPPoE which the TC prefers (as i understand it), but still I am experiencing the same issue.

The second issue I am experiencing, which is a common experience, occurring maybe half the time I use the internet is that I need to reload web pages a lot to get them to load. So I might click on eBay say and the page doesn't seem to want to load at all, so I either cancel the loading or try clicking again on the bookmark again (or a link) and if i'm lucky it will then load quickly. If not I will have to try again. This seems to happen more with some websites than others, and emptying the cache seems to help, but the problem soon re-emerges.

I am not sure if these two issues are interrelated, but it all adds up to a fairly frustrating online experience. I am not sure whether the issue is with the ISP, the modem, the TC, or some combination of these. I experience the same problems regardless of which Mac I am using (there are three in the house) and which browser, so I am presuming that the issue is not with the Macs, but why clearing the cache would help I am not sure.

I would be grateful for any help in resolving these issues