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    iMac fans go full blast after put to sleep!?
    Yet another odd thing happened to my iMac, when i put it to sleep the fan stayed on! after a min of the fan on it goes FULL BLAST! Tried to wake it but nothing worked, even the sleep light wasn't pulsating anymore. So I hit the power switch in the back for a few seconds and the fans stopped.

    Restarted and everything seems fine but should i reset PRAM or NVRAM??

    Just curious if i need to check anything out.

    All because of the LaCie, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    LaCie's can make mac's run funky thats for sure. I would just reset but the PRAM and the NVRAM that way they will both be reset and might improve the overall performance of your computer
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    ok, will try to do a reset on PRAM, i did theNVRAM but that did not help thanks!

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    ok guys, i've tracked down the problem to be the LaCie external HD. When I put the iMac to sleep it does that thing BUT the second I unplug the firewire cable from the LaCie the iMac goes right to sleep.

    I did this twice already with the same results. When firewire is unplugged iMac goes to sleep right away.

    Is this a glitch on the LaCie's end? Is there a firmware update that i should be downloading to solve this prob???


    [edit] Do I need to download this: LaCie update tool v 1.3.2 for the D2 Triple Extreame? I don't want to download firmware that I do not need. Which one should i download as there are two versions. one has a .dmg extention while the other has a .sit (sorry still new)

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    I can not say if that is a problem with the LaCie drives only. It might be a problem with all firewire drives. I tend to unmount the external drives and power them off before I put my system to sleep.

    As for the LaCie update tool, I don't know any thing about it. The doifference in the two version is that the .sit file should be a compressed version of the .dmg file. So that bouth should be the same, except that one is compressed and one is not.
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    well i have another thread in iMac so... but it seems as if i fixed the issue (for now)... please see that post - sorry for double posting...didn't realize it...

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