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Thread: lpadmin Access Problems

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    lpadmin Access Problems
    I am trying to setup a new printer with bluetooth. Part of the process requires "lpadmin privileges." I typed in my username and password for logging into my account (the only one on the computer), but it says it's wrong. So I tried using the secondary name that has no spaces, but that also did not work. I know the password is correct (based on the password hint it gives me), but I can't figure out what to use as the username.

    I tried loading the install disk and changing the password in Utilities > Change Password, and it made no difference. Any ideas out there for how I can continue with this setup? Thanks.

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    My solution: logged out of my mac user account; logged in as another admin-level user; now could install printer.
    OSX 10.5.8, HP officejet 6500 printer

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