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    Creating a new theme, and now how to restore my computer
    So Friday night I spent a good 4 hours on the macthemes2 board (the arttools release thread to specific) trying to come up with my own theme for Leopard. Everything was working great until my last attempt at skinning it for the night... then the crap hit the proverbial fan. I compressed the file and applied it with Magnifique, and then I was plagued by the infamous continuous finder crash.

    What is the culprit? My modded files are:

    -several of the pngs, and for some reason some of the pdfs (probably because I hadn't found the .menu files), always kept same size constraints
    Extras2.rsrc (changed package contents to invert graphics from black to white) (same, inverted things).
    I find it hard to believe that the .menu files are the culprits, since they seem to load properly and are the right colour. Hmm. Now where the SAM HILL MICHIGAN is my leopard disc?

    I have an aluminum macbook 2GHz model, so no firewire... how the SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE HOLDING HANDS do I fix it? I also don't have a properly small screwdriver to remove my MacBook's hard drive and read it with my USB SATA dock. I searched tirelessly for hours to no avail for my original restore disc. I drove an hour and a half to my dad's house to get my old 10.5.1 retail Leopard disc to find out that my MacBook can't boot from that disc because it is a pre-aluminum MacBook disc, and doesn't have the drivers. I called Apple, and they are sending me another copy of the restore disc. Unfortunately, this is "going to take 5-7 business days." I'm hoping the usual trend of under-promise over-deliver holds true.

    Is there any way for me to copy the original files back onto my firewireless macbook? I have backups on this eMac, but as stated, can't get my hard drive out to throw in the usb sata-dock I have. If I really need to get a HOT BUTTERED POPCORN screw driver, where do I go to buy one (not online) and how much do they usually run?

    The the woman on the phone and I had a good laugh about how I shouldn't be messing with those files. I prefaced my problem with, "I probably shouldn't have been doing this, but..."

    Also, if you don't mind... I had the menubar itself black and the text white... but I couldn't get the dropdown menu to be black as well... any ideas? I think I may have figured out the correct png thanks to the wiki, but haven't tested it yet. Are they 010 and 011?

    Thanks, sorry to be long winded.

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    Sounds like you learned a valuable lesson - but not completely. Ever hear of making a bootable backup prior to messing with the system files? Next time break out an external hard drive and use either SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner to create a bootable backup. When you screw things up, (It happens to me too.) just restore from the bootable backup and start over.


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    13 inch alMacBook 2GHz C2D 4G DDR3, 1.25GHz G4 eMac
    Yea... I didn't have any DVDs and my will to learn and mess around overtook my will to not get boned for a week haha.

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