I have flash file (.fla) that won't open (I'm using Flash MX 2004). It's the last of a set of files copied while a hard drive was crashing several months ago. When I check its file information with muchoFileInfo, it's the same as any other flash files, so that is correct. But when I use "get info," it's kind shows as a unix executable file. I've repaired permissions, re-associated the file with Flash in the finder, deleted and re-added the extension, etc., but it still won't open, so I'm assuming the file itself is corrupted.

I "looked" at it with a hexidecimal editor, and there is data there to recover, but I don't know how to recover it. I've downloaded some trials of software, but haven't been successful (virtual lab and file salvage, as well as another that I can't remember the name of). Is there anything else I can try?

{my computer is an intel macBook from about a year ago, running OSX 10.5.7}