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    Can install to new HD but not restore
    Hey all, hopefully someone can shed some light on this issue. It's pretty mysterious.

    I recently installed a new 160gb hard drive in my mac mini with the intent to restore OS X using time machine.

    The steps I took were like so:
    - I first did a full backup of my Leopard install to an attached USB external HD using time machine.
    - next I opened up the minimac and replaced the HD
    - booted the minimac with the leopard install disc
    - the install found the new hard drive (and the attached USB hard drives)
    - using the leopard install disc's disk utility, I formatted the new internal hard drive to be HFS/journaled with a GUID partition table

    Now the GUI gives me the option to install OS X on the internal HD I installed, but I want to restore from the time machine backup so I use the restore utility. To my surprise the internal HD that I've just partitioned doesn't show up as an option to restore. And the strangest thing is that the other partition on my external hard drive _does_ appear as an option.

    I know that it's not a size constraint, as I have the option to restore to a 100gb external partition but not the 160gb internal (the original HD was 80gb). Also I know that it detects the new internal drive because disk utility was able to format and partition it, and the leopard disk wants to let me install a clean OS X on it. So what gives? Any help would be much appreciated!


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    Time Machine requires OS X to be pre-installed on whatever drive in order for you to restore from it. Reinstall OS X first, then you should be able to restore from TM.

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    Thanks! This worked. After a fresh leopard install, the restore went fine.

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