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    Need a bootable disk with disk utility
    Ok, guys - I give up trying to solve this myself.

    I have an iMac 1.61 17", running 10.5.7. I bought it second hand, without the install disks. I need to run disk utilitity from a bootable disk. How can I make one?

    The details:

    I made a mess of my hard drive. I successfully installed Ubuntu with BootCamp, but Ubuntu didn't recognise the wireless keyboard, so I got rid of it.

    Unfortunately, I chose to get rid of it by erasing the partition using Disk Utility. When that didn't completely work, I removed the partition using Linux's Gparted.

    What I am left with is a damaged (but working) Mac disk. It boots slowly and now I cannot install XP with Bootcamp.

    I have verified and repaired permissions using disk utility, but when I try to verify the disk itself, the process crashes the computer (every time for about 15 tries). The computer will not boot into safe mode (just the grey boot screen, for hours ...).

    So I need to run disk repair from a boot disk. How can I make one? I downloaded BootCD but of course, it has been discontinued and doesn't work with 10.5.

    I have searched these threads a lot, and would appreciate any help. Is there a way to make a startup disk with disk utility on it from disk utility itself?

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    It's not possible to burn a bootable disc on a Mac.
    You're best option is to run FSCK and let that repair the drive and file system.
    If you need to know how look at my post in this thread:
    Try my custom Mac Forums Search Engine: Mac Forums Google Search

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