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Thread: newbie expose question

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    newbie expose question
    I know this is probably some extremely silly newbie question but how does the mouse buttons 3-32 work/assigned under expose? I only figured out the right click one LOL. I tried the mouse button 3 on a 3 button mouse but couldn't get it to do anything with the 3rd button. As you can tell, I'm extremely new to mac os x.


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    Do you mean a 2 button mouse plus clickable scroll wheel? Or do you mean a 3 button mouse + scroll wheel? If the latter then the 3d button is actually button 6. Left (1), Right (2), Scroll Wheel Click (3), Scroll Wheel Forward (4), Scroll Wheel Back (5), Other Button (6)

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    oh okay, ya I'm using a 2 button with a wheel. Still, when I tried to assign the buttons 2-6, nothing happens. If i assigned button 3 for what you said is scroll wheel click and I assigned it to All Windows, nothing happens. Is there something I'm not understanding?

    Thanks for your reply

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    No, you understood perfectly. What type of mouse are you using and did you load any kind of custom drivers for it?

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    If you are using Logitech, make sure u have installed the custom software provided by them at their website. The user guide that comes with it explains how to use all ur buttons for various expose features.

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    hi guys
    I'm using a logitech mx300 mouse and I did install the drivers for it. So if it does work, if I choose, say like mouse button 5 assigned to All Windows, when I scroll the wheel back, it should span out all my current windows like F9 right? Because when I do that now, nothing happens. Only assigning the right button does anything.

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    oh nm, I found my problem. I didn't assign the buttons to the specific number in the logitech control panel for the mouse. Now they work. Thanks anyways

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    I don't know what influence the custom drivers have so hopefully Strider can answer. I use a Logitech trackball without special drivers and all the buttons work right for me. <shrug>

    EDIT: Cool beans, nice to know if it comes up again.

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