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    How to connect MAC to AD & customize desktop

    Hope this is the correct place for this... I looked and could not find answers to this... Although I've seen many things about this...but most seems to be bits and pieces. I just started helping support a small school's computer lab. They have about 28 new imacs running 10.5.7 and a 2003 microsoft server.
    I would like to configure the macs to login to active directory and allow individual desktop configurations based on server groups as well as a home folder located on the server for each person and mounted as a folder on the desktop.
    Ok..I hope this is more clear...

    We have grades k - 8. We would like to have each student have an account on the server. Then they can login to any mac using Active directory name/password. We would like the desktop to be configured based on the group the student is in on the We would setup 9 groups by grade...grade 1 group, grade 2 group and so on. The desktop would be specific to the grade. However we would like a folder showing up on the mac desktop (mounted) that is located on the server and is specific to the user logged in. Each student to have a private home folder on the server. Which we can then allow the teachers access to get assignments etc...Possibly adding a second folder to a shared write only folder to hand assignments in. The hope is no mac would need accounts setup, only at the server level and it doesn't matter which mac the student signs in on.

    I've been able to get a mac running 10.5.6 to authenicate/connect to the server and see folders, but when I do the same thing to an updated (10.5.7) mac, I can authenicate to AD, but can not see any folders.

    Any help, instructions, suggestions, directions as to where to look all welcome....
    Thank You in Advance....

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    Not sure if this will help you, but it might:

    I know it's for the older version of OSX, but it may give you some hints on what to do with leopard.
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